I believe that no woman must compromise on her bra fit. While our styles cater to your shape, our sizing chart is unique.

To find your Buttercups size and style, please answer the quiz below. All it takes is 5 minutes for a life-changing experience!
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Dear Arpita I had met you for a fitting session a couple of weeks ago...Thank you for an awesome experience. No​ other​ fitting experience comes close to the comfort and confidence I felt at your office. Also, the Sticky is really useful. Good Luck!!
-Arshi Walia
It's hands down, one of the best bra-buying experiences, anywhere! Buttercups has infused humor and a little reality check into their quiz - and the resulting sizing is spot on. In a country where buying lingerie often feels uncomfortable, with middle-aged salesmen offering ill-fitting boxed bras and panties; Buttercups has transformed the experience into one that makes any woman feel self assured and sexy.
-Aparna Rae